The Traveling Through Time

The Traveling Through Time educational program is a series of cultural, educational and creative children workshops with the main aim of developing children’s team learning and creativity through amusing games.

By using non-formal education methods, children learn about the fields of archaeology, conservation, history, art, significant old scripts and their decoding. The children are encouraged to spark their imagination and create authentic work in a variety of media. In each workshop, children explore ideas and processes behind one ancient craft, as well as modern ways to preserve them. The workshops invite children to question, explore, experiment and solve problems as they create and interact with different crafts and with other pupils. They can express themselves creatively while learning to build their skills in a friendly teamwork environment. They are also taught how and why it is important to protect cultural heritage for the next generations. All workshops consist of Power Point presentation or videos about the main subject and practical work. The work is conducted in small teams so that the workshops are economical and can very easily adapted to different spaces (museum rooms, outdoor spaces, festivals, etc.).

Workshops including Cave paintings, Antique Mosaics, Roman glass – Millefiori, Decoding Hieroglyphic and Glagolitic scripts, Archaeological excavation and conservation, Carpets from Pirot, Secession in Belgrade , Historical stroll through Belgrade etc. Here non-formal educational methods for children aged from 6 to 14 are used and these correspond to their school program (subjects of history, language, art, etc.).
These workshops take place in the Kulturnaut , Belgrade City Museum in collaboration with the Museums Kids Club, Body Temple Studio as well as with Center “Duga” – a center that aims at helping in learning focused on orphan, deaf and blind children.

Antique Mosaics

Cave paintings

Roman glass – Millefiori

Carpets from Pirot

Historical stroll through Belgrade

Figures from clay